• Old image of the Plattsburgh Police Department.
  • Police on parade.
  • Police on a motorcycle in a parade.
  • Police motorcycles
  • Officer working traffic in an old photo.
  • Officer working traffic in an old photo.
  • Old police car
  • img127
  • img104
  • img103
  • Police officers
  • Early nineteen hundreds - Plattsburgh Police Department (riding horses)
  • Old image of an officer getting in to his patrol vehicle.
  • Plattsburgh N.Y. Police emblem on a police car.
  • First National
  • City police in a briefing.
  • Plattsburgh police in 1895.
  • Chief Young registering a bike with children.
  • Chief Conners with other members of the Police Department.
  • Officers - 1903 Clinton Street

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