Medical Benefits


What is the Health Benefits Enrollment Guide?

The City Human Resource Office has prepared a 2015 Health Benefits Enrollment Guide for all potential and active employees. This guide includes information for you on the following: 

  • Instructions on How and When to Enroll
  • Ways to Save on Medical and Prescription Costs and How to Stay Healthy
  • Table of City Healthcare-Related Benefits
  • Enrollment Forms
  • City Medical and Prescription Plan Options
  • Online Tools for NENY Blue Shield
  • Important Notifications
This guide will provide an overview of the different healthcare-related benefits offered by the City of Plattsburgh to its employees, and should answer any questions you may have on the City's five healthcare plans and other health-related benefits.  Click the link to open the 2015 Health Benefits Enrollment Guide.


What Healthcare Plans are Offered by the City?  What does Healthcare Coverage Cost?

The City offers its employees five healthcare plans to choose from - one Traditional Blue 998 Plan and four Traditional Blue POS 298 Point of Service (POS) plans. 
How do you pay for health insurance?  You pay for health insurance in two ways:

      1.  The monthly premium that you pay to purchase your plan.
      2.  The out-of-pocket expenses you pay when you receive medical care. Out of pocket 
           expenses include a combination of deductibles, coinsurance, and copays.

Deductibles, coinsurance, and copays, out of pocket expenses - what are those?  Confused about the difference between a Blue Shield NENY POS Plan versus a Blue Shield NENY Traditional Plan?  Want more information on the 'cost versus coverage' aspects of health insurance?  Click to go directly to the Blue Shield NENY website for a quick tutorial and answers to these and other questions.

Where Can I Find Details about the City's Medical, Prescription and the Flexible Spending Account Plans?

Follow the links on the left for details of the City Medical Plan, the City Prescription Plan, and the City Flexible Spending Account Plan, or check out the 2015 Health Benefits Enrollment Guide above.

What if I Want More Details About the City's Healthcare Plans?

Click the link for the Summary Plan Document which provides even more details about the City's five Healthcare Plans.